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Afternoon Activities & Academies

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As the last article promised I am now going to tell you all about the afternoon activities and academies we offer in our summer programmes at Accord ISS English language summer schools in England. Every day at break time students who stay with us for the afternoon can sign up to afternoon activities.

Each day there will be 4-6 different afternoon activities to choose from to ensure that afternoons are full of fun. For those who love sports we offer a wide range of activities such as Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Dodge ball, Tennis, Rounders, Cricket and Rugby. The majority of the activity leaders have experienced teaching or playing most of these sports, so it’s a great chance for students to learn how to play something new, or build on the skills you may already have and challenge the activity leaders at a game!

Afternoon Activities & Football Academy in England

For those who would rather relax and try something more creative, we also offer alternative afternoon activities such as Music, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Jewellery Making, Cooking, Singing and even Yoga!

All of the Accord ISS summer language schools in England have great facilities that cater for a wide range of afternoon activities.

If that’s not enough to get you excited then there is also the chance to sign up to our optional activities and academies! These include Sailing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Tennis Academy, Football Academy, Dance Academy and Golf. All of the optional afternoon activities are led by qualified professionals and for most, our students go off-site to each specialist centre. In Eastbourne water sports students will kayak and sail their way across the sunshine coast’s shoreline with our partners at Buzz Active.  Or those who choose to mountain bike at Bethany will race through Bedgbury Forest on carefully chosen tracks. For Football Academy, Dance Academy and Tennis Academy students stay on-site with a professional coach. At the Football and Dance Academies we also offer amazing trips to different football stadiums and the Pineapple Dance Studios.

Afternoon Activities & Football Academy in England

The optional afternoon activities and academies offer amazing experiences, many students return just to be a part of the fun again! It is best for you to book the optional afternoon activities and academies before arrival to avoid disappointment. But don’t worry, if you get to the summer camp and decide you want to join in with the fun then you can, if there’s availability!

Watch this space for some exciting news about our Football Academy…..

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