English Language Summer Camps
Learn by the sea in the sun
across stunning British countryside! Have some fun!

Jake (England)

When I arrived at Rossall School I was quite nervous (and excited) and I really didn’t know what to expect. But straight away the other boys and the coaches made me feel welcome. Over the five days we did shooting, heading, passing and volleys, but all in a fun and exciting way. Our Coaches, Matthieu and Jonnie encouraged us all the time and made every one of us feel special. My favourite part was the Penalty Shoot-Out competition (which I won!). I had such a good time at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy that one day I would really like to return for more coaching

Stefan (Romania)

Hi, my name is Stefan Lucian! I went this summer at the PSG Academy in Moira House!They told us what was expected from us as PSG academy players while at the camp. I knew from then that Adrien and George are lovely people and very approachable! By the next days training session I had already improved a lot in the following skills: technique, tactics, shooting, headers because they are the same like the big football club’s training and every player was helped by the best coaches! In the later weeks I spend almost all the time with academy’s employees and that was my best choice! I recommend to everyone who loves football and wants to improve as footballers to go to the PSG Academy in England ! I’m sure you would enjoy the experience as much as I did.

Adrien (France)

I will remember my friends, the staff and the evening activities. Brighton was my favourite trip because I was with my friends and we saw attractions and went shopping. This holiday was amazing! Thanks to all the staff and teachers. You’re amazing! Thank you very much for everything.

Carlota (Venezuela)

The things I will remember the most about Accord International Summer school are the places that I visited and the friends that I made. I most enjoyed the trip to London when we went on the London Eye.

Martina (Italy)

The lessons and the teachers were very good and the activities were fantastic. There were a lot of people from different countries and I could only speak English with them. I thought that the London trip was amazing because I’ve never seen London before and the organisation of the trip was very good.

Nikita (Russia)

I thought that the English lessons were very good and I enjoyed the trip to London and will remember this the most.

Haymann, (Denmark)

It’s just unbelievable. I’m speechless. Thank you, thank you for two amazing weeks that won’t ever be forgotten.

Rocio (Spain)

Accord ISS has been the best summer camp I’ve ever been to. The teachers were nice, they help you and the classes are not boring. I have improved my English a lot and I speak more fluently and understand everything. Miss Maria has always been there, helping everyone and enjoying activities with us. She has made our stay easier and we have had so much fun in the activities

Maria (Spain)

My experience in Eastbourne has been great. I never imagined that in only 2 weeks you could do so many things and make so many friends. Teachers here are really great and I have noticed that my English has improved. I don’t want to leave! I invite you to try this experience as it really is great.

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