Árpád Farkas
English Teacher & Activity Leader

The time that I have spent working for Accord ISS has enriched my professional practice in more than one way. I have taught heterogeneous groups of international students, and it was a joy to help them hone their language skills. However, for our students participation in an English language course at Accord ISS is not only language practice, but also a worthwhile exercise in intercultural communication. I have had the privilege of witnessing many an interesting discussion in the classroom; through these activities, I too have been exposed to a host of different cultures and perspectives, which could never have happened in a monocultural setting. In addition to being stimulated by the environment, I was reassured to know that I was working as part of a cohesive team whose members, teachers and activity leaders alike, were prepared to support one another at all times. I have been fortunate enough to receive some positive feedback from our students, which is always gratifying as I believe that students’ satisfaction is the ultimate reward a teacher can be given.

Alexandra Prunean
English Teacher & Activity Leader

This was my first time working as a teacher in a summer camp and I had a brilliant time. This was possible due to high standards, professionalism, wide range of activities offered, great working environment and support throughout the entire experience. The students were eager to learn and curious to find out more about British culture. The best part for me was seeing how different people from different corners of the world made an effort to understand each other. I met wonderful people, made new friends and found new energy and passion in my profession. I am very grateful for this experience!

Alexandra O’Shea
Sports & Activity Leader

Working for ACCORD International Summer Schools has been an amazing experience. I have loved getting to interact with all
the children and being a part of their entire experience. The job itself was rewarding and the work was both
fun and challenging. As my first time working in a residential camp I found it a bit daunting but with the help
of other staff members I became comfortable within the role and appreciated their desire to push us, as a
team, to provide more engaging and challenging activities for the children. The staff and students were amazing
individuals with lots to offer and this entire experience is something I would love to repeat.

Joshua Pun
Sports & Activity Leader

It has been an absolute joy and pleasure working for Accord ISS. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet children from different parts of the world, and work with a professional, cohesive staff team. Working for Accord ISS has definitely provided me with invaluable experience, to which I believe has helped with my personal development.

In retrospect, it almost felt like I was not working, but rather, participating in a rare opportunity given to me to learn from the children about their language and culture. I will definitely not hesitate should the opportunity to work for Accord ISS arise again. I could not recall a day where I was unmotivated to work. I was always very excited to what each day had to bring. However, an aspect of the job that I felt Accord ISS failed to mention before I started, is the need to adequately prepare yourself when the children leave at the end of the course. You will definitely miss them when they are gone!

Amy Heap
Sports & Activity Leader

My experience at camp has been very good and I have enjoyed leading various activities involved in the job role. I am grateful to have been part of a close-knit team that got along so well this Easter and was lucky to be able to lead activities to my own strengths. Working at Moira House has allowed me to develop my ability to work with young children which will be very valuable when I begin teacher training come September.

Alexandra Sewter
Sports & Activity Leader

Working for ACCORD International Summer School has been a wonderful new experience and provided me with a great opportunity to work with children. This has been my first residential camp at Moira House as an Activity Leader and I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the job. The team at ACCORD were incredibly friendly and welcoming which made my experience so much better. As an aspiring PE teacher the most rewarding part was to see the children enjoying themselves and excelling in different activities throughout their stay with ACCORD ISS.

Beata Gasiorowska
Academic Manager

Summer 2015 was my fourth course with ACCORD ISS. I have been a part of many Easter & Summer staff teams; first as Director of Studies now as Academic Manager. It has been a wonderfully challenging and satisfying experience. I have met a lot of brilliant and passionate teachers, great activity leaders and management staff as well as fantastic students. ACCORD ISS is a big ‘family’ full of fun and friendship. We all work hard to provide our students with an extremely positive working environment and make their holidays an unforgettable experience! Our main aim is to help learners improve their English through a carefully prepared English programme focused on all skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Learning English with ACCORD ISS always goes beyond the curriculum and includes lots of interesting projects, funny games, songs and films. ACCORD ISS is a company that I am proud of and even more proud to have been a part of!

Jamie Gould
ISS Operations Manager

Since joining ACCORD ISS in 2011 as a Residential Activity Leader, I have had many enjoyable experiences throughout my roles within the company. During my university studies, I was able to return to ACCORD ISS most summers and I have been fortunate enough to have fulfilled the roles of Social Organiser & Course Director which have developed me individually and personally. The summer school itself is a fantastic environment to work in, there is a great family feel to the staff team and this is crucial during busy periods. I have been a part of many Easter & Summer staff teams, I have made life-long friends and met some fantastic, unique individuals. Every Easter and Summer course requires hard work, professionalism and a very demanding work ethic but once this has been achieved, the activities during the afternoons and evenings really are worth it. The students are our main priority and it’s very important to ACCORD ISS that each and every child has a positive, enjoyable experience. Some of my fondest memories are through my work with ACCORD ISS: from performing Backstreet Boys famous hit ‘I want it that way’, performing a scene from Frozen ‘Love is an open door’, re-creating the Harry Potter Puppet Show, creating a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ adventure and performing in many staff talent shows! Needless to say, I am not the next Michael Buble or Sherlock Holmes but it’s all put on for the children and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the enjoyment on their faces during our shows! I now am extremely proud to have joined the full-time staff team which is a role I live and breathe. I couldn’t recommend working for ACCORD ISS enough, it’s a very rewarding experience whilst enjoying an exciting yet challenging role.

Jago Leckie
Social Organiser

My time at ACCORD ISS over the past two years has been filled with memories I will never forget. As somebody who really enjoys working with children, and also as a linguist, I am grateful to ACCORD ISS for providing me with the opportunity to meet children from all over the world who have a shared enthusiasm for English language and culture. I am already looking forward to this summer at ACCORD ISS and the new adventures and challenges that lie ahead.

Maddie Hayes
Head of House

I have worked at ACCORD ISS for the last two years now and I am looking forward to working for ACCORD ISS for a third year. I love working at ACCORD ISS because I have the opportunity to meet many different children from a variety of nationalities and work with amazing children and staff members. As I study English at university, working at a language school not only allows me to help improve the English skills of the children but also practise for my own for my degree. As head of house I not only got to teach sports, arts and crafts and dance during the day, but I also really get to bond with the female students that stay in the girls’ house in the evening which was such a lovely experience. Every week we go to London which is so much fun and it is great to see how in awe of all the sights the children are. We are lucky at ACCORD ISS to have a great team of teachers and activity leaders that all get on so well, and all aim at giving our students the best time during their stay!

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