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Why the North of England is a great place to study English

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Hello Accordions!

The North of England is a unique and spectacular part of the country. The home of various beautiful scenes of nature and historical towns and architecture, the North also contains stunning and modern cities. These are perfect places to go explore, eat and go shopping. Luckily, two of our summer schools, Barnard Castle and Rossall School are located in the north, giving students the opportunity to experience this incredible area for themselves!

Barnard Castle, located in County Durham in the North East of England is a traditional English boarding school renown for its sporting prowess, where students will be able to study English whilst taking advantage of incredible sporting facilities. We also offer various trips ranging from visits to the Lake District, a beautiful area of England with wondrous views of nature and country walks, to trips to northern cities like Newcastle, Leeds and Durham, where students can take advantage of the numerous shops and sites, as well as learning more about these wonderful cities with tours of the museums and looking at the famous monuments, like the Angel of the North in Newcastle. Students will also be able to visit towns on the North East Coast such as Whitby Bay which is the home of the best fish and chips in the whole of England!

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Rossall School, is located in Lancashire, in the North West of England which is an equally mesmerizing part of the country. Rossall School, like Barnard Castle is a traditional English boarding school with 160 acres of land, situated on the seaside near the coastal town Blackpool. Rossall school also has its, own private beach which students use during afternoon and evening activities. Like at Barnard Castle, there are also trips to various cities and areas of the North of England, including to the lake district and York as well. However, at Rossall we also offer trips to Manchester, the home of football in England, where students will experience the famous football museum, as well as the Science and Industry museum and John Rylands library. Students will also be able to visit Liverpool, a booming city with various shops and sites as well as the home of the famous band The Beatles, with their museum being located on the beautiful Albert Dock.

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We love football at ACCORD ISS, (we are based in the football capital of England- Manchester!) That is why  we are thrilled to be partnered with The Paris Saint-Germain Soccer School.  The Paris Saint-Germain Academy England takes place at Barnard Castle school and is a fantastic opportunity for children of all ages to train like the Paris Saint Germain first team with PSG trained and FA qualified coaches, whilst having fun and making friends in the process!

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It is very easy to get to the north of England from other countries. There are various airports that offer direct flights from countries all over the world. Manchester Airport and Liverpool Airport are large international airports and have direct flights from places like Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Nice and Paris in France, and Rome and Milan in Italy, as well as direct flights from numerous other countries and cities! Newcastle Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport, further north also has a wide array of direct flights from cities in France,Spain, Poland, Germany, Turkey and numerous other countries, making the journey to our schools in the north as easy as possible!

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