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Why study English with ACCORD ISS?

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Why study English with ACCORD ISS?

If you have not attended a summer school previously you are probably wondering whether it is a good idea or not.

You are probably asking the questions; ‘Why study English in England?’  ‘Why attend a summer school to study English?’

The English weather is typically wet and cloudy but the bright red buses, phone boxes and the stand out black taxis help bring to life to what is a truly beautiful country. Not forgetting the beautiful landscape of the North which includes valleys, rivers and hills around the gorgeous Peak District and the cosmopolitan city of Manchester, home to Football giants Manchester United and Manchester City.

As you move through the central parts of England you will pass through Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood and his merry men and Birmingham, renowned for its culture and fantastic shopping. In the heart of the Midlands, you will find Stratford, the home of Shakespeare, this beautiful quaint place is very romantic and full of floral décor. Further south you will approach London with fantastic bridges arched over the River Thames, the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and not forgetting the Queens home, Buckingham Palace.

So when we pose the question, why should you choose to study English with ACCORD ISS? Is the above description not enough? Well read on…

Not only will our students be taken on trips to a variety of these wonderful places, but they will study English in participating in English lessons, English activities and English sports where only English is allowed to be used to communicate. Year on year we see great development in our students English language levels and this is down to our superb social programme. All of our students from across the world have the opportunity to mix with other students, study English, use English as the common language and make lifelong friends. It truly is an unforgettable experience which comes to an end very quickly and our students are always very emotional when they leave our English Schools to re-join families and loved ones back in their respective home country.

ACCORD ISS offers an extremely relaxed, enjoyable English course for all students which is also supported by very professional sports academies including our ISS Football Academy should you wish to be involved with them. All of our staff are qualified and show a great level of understanding towards each and every student, ensuring that they feel well settled and happy with their new surroundings. Staff are friendly, kind, caring and very supportive but they will not be afraid to remind students of the school rules, so try not to upset too many staff members!

So what are you waiting for?

You have now the answers to the questions; ‘Why study English in England?’ and ‘Why attend a summer school to study English?’

Get in touch with ACCORD ISS NOW and book your place at one of our fantastic schools for 2016. You can choose from one of our schools below:

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