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Paris Saint-Germain Soccer in England

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As many of you may know by now Accord International Summer Schools have teamed up with Paris Saint -Germain Academy England and together we will be offering kids residential and day soccer camps with and without our English language courses.This is very exciting news for all of our students who love soccer!

Soccer has been bringing people from all over world together for years, it is almost a language in itself! As the industry continues to grow we hope to use soccer as a tool to integrate our international students with English school children.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy England will offer intensive soccer camps during the summer at Moira House, Rossall and Bethany Centre, using PSG training methods and also PSG trained coaches. Each child will receive a full PSG kit and a Progress and Development report with a certificate at the end of their course.  Of course all of the programmes will be delivered in English, in England with English children which is an added benefit for our international students.

By sharing this vision of enhancing soccer experiences across the world, PSG Academy England with ACCORD ISS will be giving all of the children a valuable cultural experience. English children will be exposed to different cultures and languages and our international children will be immersed in British culture whilst playing and studying alongside English children.

All of the children will even be able to represent Paris Saint-Germain Academy England in the annual Paris Saint-Germain Academy Cup held in France. Academies from around the world compete against each other to be the champions, next year it could be England!

If you would like more information on The Paris Saint-Germain Academy please contact us:

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