At ACCORD ISS Barnard Castle summer residential camp students stay in rooms of two to five beds per room with shared toilets and showers. There are plenty of showers and toilets available which are all cleaned and maintained regularly.

We make every effort to ensure that rooms are shared with children of a different nationality and of a similar age so that they continue speaking English outside of the classroom and make new friends. Parents may request for their child to share with a particular friend(s) and this will be considered but cannot always be guaranteed.

There is a social room in each boarding house where children can watch TV/DVDs, listen to music, play board games etc. Children usually relax in the social room with a hot chocolate drink before bedtime. Our professional and experienced staff stay in the boarding houses to ensure safety and 24-hour supervision.

Students eat their well balanced meals in the impressive dining hall on site. The catering team serve a variety of healthy and balanced meals to cater for all tastes. Hot and cold food is served as well as fruit, salad and desserts. There is always a vegetarian option and special dietary requirements will be catered for.

Snacks and drinks are also available at break times and during the evenings.

Students’ personal laundry is done at least once a week and included in the course fee.

ACCORD ISS summer camp accommodation at Bethany in England.First-Aid staff are on site at all times and any medical problems can be dealt with at the local Doctor’s surgery in Barnard Castle.

There is also a hospital in Barnard Castle town for more serious cases and our staff always accompany students to the Doctor’s surgery or hospital.

ACCORD ISS summer camp accommodation in England.Passports, tickets and pocket money must be handed in to the Course Director on arrival.

These items will be locked securely away in the school safe. There is time allocated every day where students can collect pocket money from the Course Director, or another Senior member of staff.

Students of all creeds and cultures are welcomed as our aim is to create a summer school which can truly be described as International.

Fast Facts!

  •  ACCORD ISS summer camp accommodation: rooms of 2-5 beds with shared bathrooms
  •  24-hour supervision by ACCORD ISS experienced staff
  •  Variety of hot and cold food served at meal times- snacks also available
  •  First- Aid staff onsite with doctor’s surgery and hospital close by
  •  Student laundry is done at least once a week
  •  Passports, tickets and money to be kept in the school safe