1. Booking is confirmed upon receipt of completed booking form and deposit. Bookings can be made for multiple whole weeks (min. 2 weeks). 1 week bookings are accepted where possible.
  2. All students attending ACCORD ISS Language Schools in England must follow the School’s rules and directions. We reserve the right to immediately remove any student whose behaviour is unacceptable or disruptive. In this event, no fees shall be refunded and any additional cost incurred must be paid by the parent/guardian.
  3. Student acceptance is based on the assumption that they are in good health. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to property belonging to students attending the School. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense caused by delays or changes to public transport, weather, quarantine, illness, strike, riot, force majeure or any other cause. We do not accept responsibility for injury or death to students.
  4. All cancellations must be made in writing and take effect upon receipt. Cancellation charges (applicable to curtailment of any booking) vary depending on the amount of notice we receive:
    Cancellation prior to start date Charge
    8 – 30 days (Monday to Friday) 65% of total holiday cost
    2 – 7 days (Monday to Friday) 85% of total holiday cost
    1 day or after start date 100% of total holiday cost

    If you cancel your booking because of a visa refusal, we will refund any fees minus the non-refundable deposit and administration fee that you have paid provided that you send us a signed copy of the visa refusal letter issued by the British Embassy/Consulate at least 2 weeks before your course is due to start.

  5. Programme information of the ACCORD ISS Language Schools in England and the main ACCORD ISS brochure have been published in good faith. We reserve the right to make changes to the programmes where necessary.
  6. These terms and conditions and the published programmes of the ACCORD ISS Language Schools in England form the basis of any contract between the parent/guardian and the School subject to the UK legal system.
  7. Image Use: ACCORD ISS may take photos of the students to be included in promotional material (brochures, websites, etc.) unless the student or his/her parents say otherwise. This refusal must be stated when booking.


Student insurance cover: The travel insurance cover scheme covers students attending ACCORD ISS. It is underwritten by Marsh Commercial. The provided cover is detailed below in a brief summary of the Insurance that in no way replaces the Master Policy (full terms, conditions and exclusions). The Master Policy is available for viewing at ACCORD ISS office.

ACCORD ISS declines any responsibility for damage, theft or loss of student’s property.

We also recommend for parents to take our a separate travel insurance policy for their child for the duration of their stay with us including travel days.

Claims procedure:
The Insurance has been specially arranged for ACCORD ISS by Marsh Commercial, No1 Bridgewater Road, Worcester, WR4 9FQ to whom any enquiries may be made regarding the cover provided or for additional insurance that may be required.

Payment terms and conditions

Clients have two options to book their course or their stay in the ACCORD ISS Language Schools in England:

  • Payment in full
  • £420.00 deposit plus a £30.00 administration fee.

For deposit payments, the balance must be paid at least 1 month before arrival (or within 48 hours of booking for late bookings). Failure to receive payment in full will result in the non-acceptance of the student. All bank charges are payable by the client.

Payment methods

Bank transfer: Please contact ACCORD ISS for the appropriate bank details. Please state the name of your child as your reference when making the bank transfer.
PaytoStudy A faster, cost effective way to pay, simply log in to ACCORD ISS PaytoStudy link: https://accordiss.paytostudy.com
Cheque: Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank (GBP) payable to ACCORD ISS.


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